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What are blues drugs? This is a newer slang term so even if you are well-versed in drugs and drug use, you may not have heard it before. This isn’t a new drug, though, it’s been around for quite a while. Round, blue pills with an imprint of M30 on them are rather common opioids that are packaged and marketed in a new way. These pills are oxycodone hydrochloride pills, and suddenly, it seems like they are everywhere.

Oxycodone hydrochloride is a strong opioid medication that is prescribed to people with severe pain. “Blues drugs” are pills that contain 30 milligrams of this medication; due to their blue color, they’ve earned the name blues drugs when sold on the black market.

Since this drug is very potent, M30 pills are popular among people who struggle with addiction to opioids. Not surprisingly, they are a major concern when it comes to the growth and girth of the opioid epidemic.

Furthermore, because M30 oxycodone hydrochloride is in high demand by addicted individuals and other recreational users, these pills are counterfeited frequently. An individual purchasing blues drugs on the black market can not know for sure what drug is actually in the pill they’ll be consuming. Often, fentanyl is substituted for oxycodone hydrochloride, and this bait-and-switch can be deadly.

Read on to learn more about blues drug and its many dangers.

What are Blues Drugs?

What is the street drug blues? You’d never hear a doctor or pharmacist referring to this medication as “blues”. That term is purely a slang term for a legitimate medication called oxycodone hydrochloride that happens to come in a 30-milligram dosage that is sold as a round, blue pill. This drug is a synthetic opioid and it has very high potential for dependence and addiction, but it also is very effective in alleviating pain for individuals who are suffering from severe pain situations such as chronic pain, post-surgical pain, injury-related pain, cancer pain, or pain from a terminal illness. Although this drug can be very helpful for those who actually need it, it can be dangerous for people who do not.

Unfortunately, opioids are extremely addictive. People using this drug for a continued period or who use it outside of a doctor’s supervision can become physically and mentally dependent on it very quickly. It’s crucial that anyone using this drug only do so under medical orders in order to keep themselves safe.

Where Did The Blues Drug Come From?

Like all prescription drugs, true oxycodone hydrochloride M30 pills were developed in a laboratory. The reason they were created was to help people manage intense pain. However, as mentioned above, many M30 blues drug pills purchased on the black market are counterfeit. These counterfeit drugs are manufactured with ease; all a counterfeiter needs to do to produce a similar-looking pill is to dye a substance blue, create a pill, and stamp it with an imprint on one side that is a capital letter M with a square around it, and a number 30 on the other side. Making realistic-looking copies of this pill is quite simple and can be achieved by anyone with the proper machinery.  Users buying M30 blues drugs on the black market have no idea what the pill they’ve purchased – and plan to consume – actually has inside. DEA agents have found that thousands of these pills are made in Mexico and China and some are made right here in the United States.

Purchasing blues drugs on the black market is a very dangerous game.  DEA lab testing has found that as many as 6 out of every 10 pills found to contain fentanyl contain a potentially lethal dose – and that many counterfeit M30 blues drugs contain fentanyl.

How M30 Blue Pills Work

The way that true oxycodone hydrochloride works is by blocking opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord. In doing so, it blocks pain signals and the individual who has taken the drug will experience pain relief and some euphoria. This drug is only used in situations where other drugs have been ineffective. Patients receiving this drug in a hospital or other setting are surely quite thankful that it is as effective as it is in relieving pain.

The Dangers of Blues Drug

Blues drug is a dangerous drug no matter what. Whether the blue M30 pill being consumed contains actual oxycodone hydrochloride or a fake substitute, using this drug outside of a doctor’s direction and supervision is extremely unwise.

If the pill is legitimate and actually contains oxycodone hydrochloride, the person taking the pill is at risk of overdose from this strong opioid and may become dependent upon it or addicted to it with ongoing use.

On the other hand, if the blues drug pill is counterfeit, the person consuming this pill is in danger of overdose from fentanyl or whatever substance was used to create the counterfeit pill.

Either way, the use of blues drugs is dangerous. This drug should only be used in a hospital setting or by prescription from a doctor.

Signs of Abuse and Addiction to Blues Drug

Even people who use oxycodone hydrochloride under a doctor’s supervision will experience side effects. This is to be expected and these side effects are, unfortunately, a price to pay for the pain relief offered by this drug. People using oxycodone hydrochloride report feelings of drowsiness or sedation, nausea and vomiting, constipation, confusion, dizziness, itchiness, and sweating. Some may also experience respiratory depression.

All of these side effects may be evident when someone is using these drugs recreationally or to support an ongoing addiction. In the short term, people using oxycodone hydrochloride need to be concerned about overdose potential, respiratory depression, cardiovascular risk, and psychological effects. In the long term, addiction and dependence are huge risks, as well as long-term damage to one’s respiratory health, mental health concerns, physical health degradation, and neurological impacts such as cognitive decline, memory issues, and others.

If someone has developed a dependency or addiction to oxycodone hydrochloride or any other opioids, signs may soon become evident not only to the individual himself or herself, but to that individual’s loved ones as well. Changes in physical appearance, drowsiness, loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, flu-like symptoms, changes in attitude or personality, isolation and secretive behavior, and issues like moodiness, irritability, nervousness, and theft all may point to a dependency or addiction on opioids.

Legal and Social Implications of Blues Drugs

Drugs called the blues are bad news. Again, even though oxycodone hydrochloride can provide immense relief to people who are suffering from severe pain, this drug would never be referred to by this slang term by actual medical professionals. If someone is using blues drug slang, they are likely talking about the black market version of this drug – which may or may not be legitimate. Either way, this drug is dangerous and should be avoided entirely by recreational users. Leave this drug to medical professionals and to people who actually need it in a medical setting. Otherwise, anyone using the blues drug is playing with fire.

Treatment and Recovery from Blues Drug Addiction

If someone you know is using blues drugs recreationally, encourage them to stop immediately. If someone you know was using oxycodone hydrochloride under a doctor’s direction but has found that he or she is unable to stop using it even after the doctor discontinued it, then they, too, may have a dependency or addiction to it and should stop use. In both cases, individuals using M30 pills may need help to cease use.

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