Awakenings Aftercare

We have a pool.

You can totes swim in it too.

Beachside tranquility.

Yes we are on the beach.

Comfortable Living Spaces

Put your feet up and watch telemundo all day long

All the comforts of home.

And probably more than you are used to.

Live like a king.

And get off drugs.

Awakenings Treatment Program

We’ve been treating drug-dependent individuals since the 1990s. Our experience has taught us that the best way to ensure a successful outcome post-ibogaine treatment, is to remove the individual from the people, places, and things associated with their drug use.

This has a dramatic impact on reducing external stressors and triggers, and provides people with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in treatment and learn new coping skills for staying sober upon returning to their home environment.

People journey to Clear Sky Recovery from all over the world to obtain ibogaine treatment. The lack of viable aftercare options for many of our clients, motivated us to open our own aftercare facility, where clients who need it, can receive extended care.

It’s our desire to help motivate our patients to choose a better way of life for themselves. We treat the whole individual, mind, body and spirit. Although drug dependence has many common characteristics, we treat every client as a unique individual with special needs that must be addressed with compassion and respect.

We do not subscribe to the disease model of addiction and believe that drug dependence is not a life sentence. We’re fully invested in your recovery and our experience has taught us that addiction is entirely curable. We utilize a wide range of techniques to empower each client to attain their goals. We specialize in dual-diagnosis and patients with co-occurring underlying conditions such as Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, panic and anxiety disorders.

Our focus is on providing every client with a solid foundation for going back out into the world and their lives, with the tools necessary for making better choices. Addiction is not a life sentence; we nurture personal empowerment and freedom, not a perpetual disease model.