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The Cost of Substance Abuse in America

Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to site name goes here Here with this graphic. Substance abusers pay a terrible price for their continuous misuse of alcohol, drugs or other harmful chemicals, which exacts a toll on them physically, mentally,...

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7 Signs of Addiction You Need to Know About

It is easy to identify signs of addiction and lose control of your addiction – and for good reason. A drug addiction is a brain disease that impacts how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. If you abuse drugs for an extended period of time, the urge to use illicit...

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Magic Mushrooms Decriminalized in Oakland

On June 4th 2019, Oakland, California became the second city in the United States to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms for personal use. This decision came on the heels of Denver, Colorado doing the same thing a little less than a month earlier on May 8th. Oakland...

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SMART Recovery for Addiction

SMART Recovery is an international non-profit organization that works to help people around the world with their recovery from drugs and alcohol. Begun in 1992, this project was originally called the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self-Help Network (ADASHN) before...

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Opioids on Trial in Oklahoma

Oklahoma became the first state to bring a pharmaceutical company to court over opioid addiction on May 27th, and they are just one of forty-four different states currently planning to sue. The opioid crisis is out of control across the United States by anyone’s...

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Why Sobriety at Music Festivals is Awesome

Spring is here, and summer is coming, and that means the season of music festivals is upon us. So many people from all walks of life enjoy attending music festivals these days, and of course they do – why not? Listening to music from a wide variety of famous and...

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