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How to Help a Friend with an Addiction

Whether you are in recovery from addiction yourself or not, seeing a friend or loved one struggle with his or her own addiction can be difficult and heartbreaking.   Watching someone make mistakes that they likely wouldn’t make without the influence of drugs or...

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What is the Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate?

Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate By the year 2000, researchers found through testing on human subjects addicted to heroin that the prior work by scientists (and beliefs held by laypeople) were correct: ibogaine effectively treats opioid addiction and withdrawal. In...

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How to Stage an Intervention for a Loved One

Unfortunately, if your friend, family member, or other loved one has a drug or alcohol problem that seems to continuously be getting worse rather than better, and he or she has not independently sought help, it may be time to organize an intervention. No one ever...

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Is Ibogaine Legal?

Ibogaine is a compound with psychoactive and medicinal properties. It can be found in several different plants, including Africa's Tabernanthe iboga. Ibogaine is used in traditional cultural ceremonies in some parts of West Africa where its psychoactive and medicinal...

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How To Tell If Someone Is On Heroin?

If you’ve been worrying about a friend, family member, or loved one who could be abusing heroin, you're facing an uphill battle, starting with knowing for sure whether or not the abuse is happening. Drug users almost always have keeping their addiction a secret as one...

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What Is an Iboga Wellness Center?

Choosing the perfect recovery center to meet all of your needs isn't easy. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most critical, impactful decisions you'll ever face. The right approach can change the course of your recovery and mean you get everything you've lost back....

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