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Articles, News and Information related to Ibogaine & Addiction Treatment

Parenting in Recovery

Parenting isn’t easy, no matter what the situation, but if you’re someone who has experienced addiction and now is perusing recovery, it has its own, unique challenges – and can seem overwhelming.  Children are very sensitive to what is happening in the world around...

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Job Hunting in Recovery

Job Hunting in Recovery Finding employment can often be quite difficult regardless of one’s situation, but if you are newly in recovery from addiction, it can sometimes seem daunting and even near impossible.  You may have been fired from your last job due to drug or...

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Flotation Therapy

Flotation Therapy Flotation therapy, also known as Sensory Deprivation or R.E.S.T., can certainly seem extremely strange at first to someone who has not had the opportunity to experience its wonderful benefits first hand.  In a world where we are perpetually exposed...

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Yoga and Recovery

Yoga and Recovery Yoga is for EVERYBODY.  Yes, everybody – even you!  Gone are the days of this incredible, centuries-old mind and body enhancer existing only for latte toting college girls in tight, stretchy pants, or flexible, New Age guys with odd, hippie-sounding...

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Polysubstance Abuse Disorders and Ibogaine

Polysubstance Abuse Disorders and Ibogaine Polysubstance abuse is the term used when an individual is physically and/or psychologically addicted to multiple drugs. Polysubstance abuse is relatively common in the drug-dependent populace, and often occurs when multiple...

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Why Conventional Rehab Doesn’t Always Work

Why Conventional Rehab Doesn't Always Work Drug and alcohol addiction is overwhelmingly common in this country, but there's still a stigma that surrounds those who struggle with it. The conventional course for drug treatment is often a rehab program. While some...

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