Articles, News and Information related to Ibogaine & Addiction Treatment

Iboga Sustainability and cGMP Ibogaine

It’s 2018 at the time of this article.  Due to the acts of humans, the Earth has changed very quickly in a very short time – particularly in the realm of nature and our environment.  We have been very lucky to have found iboga, and discovered its applications for...

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Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression and addiction often go hand in hand.  Many times, people who are afflicted with one of these conditions are also suffering from the other as well.  Both problems are treatable, and you can return to a happy and healthy drug-free lifestyle if you are armed...

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Summer Activities for Recovering Addicts

If you’re still getting used to recovery or just find summer a tough season to get through, don't worry. We've got a whole list of great activities to help you breeze through the sunny days without the typical partying out of control. These sober summer activities for...

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