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Why Ibogaine Treatment Gets a Bad Reputation

Ibogaine for addiction recovery can be like a miracle for many suffering from addictions, because it helps you transform your desire to get clean into a new reality. However, for a variety of reasons, not everyone considers ibogaine treatment to be any kind of miracle...

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Can Ibogaine Help Me Quit Smoking?

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are thinking of resolutions and ways we'd like to improve ourselves and our lives in the new year. It's no surprise that smoking, and quitting the habit, comes to mind frequently. However, millions of people have tried to...

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What Is Ibogaine? [Infographic]

As people realize that opioid addiction is a crisis, ibogaine has been attracting more attention around the world. If you've been wondering what exactly ibogaine is, read on to learn why it's a totally unique solution to addiction. Ibogaine: the big pharma landscape...

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How to Pick the Perfect Treatment Center

Choosing the ideal recovery center isn't easy; in fact, it may well be one of the most important decisions you ever make. It's not a matter of just finding whichever treatment center is closest to you, or choosing a random listing you find from Googling “best recovery...

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