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Articles, News and Information related to Ibogaine & Addiction Treatment

Polysubstance Abuse Disorders and Ibogaine

Polysubstance Abuse Disorders and Ibogaine Polysubstance abuse is the term used when an individual is physically and/or psychologically addicted to multiple drugs. Polysubstance abuse is relatively common in the drug-dependent populace, and often occurs when multiple...

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Why Conventional Rehab Doesn’t Always Work

Why Conventional Rehab Doesn't Always Work Drug and alcohol addiction is overwhelmingly common in this country, but there's still a stigma that surrounds those who struggle with it. The conventional course for drug treatment is often a rehab program. While some...

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Ibogaine Treatment and Early Recovery

Ibogaine Treatment and Early Recovery Although we entered the 21st century a while ago, most conventional wisdom in addiction treatment still categorizes drug dependence as a chronic, progressive, irreversible, relapsing disease, which cannot be cured and at best the...

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Finding Your Path with Ibogaine Treatment

Finding Your Path with Ibogaine Treatment Ibogaine treatment is rarely utilized by drug dependent individuals, until they have attempted to detox and stay "clean" using a wide spectrum of more mainstream and conventional addiction treatment modalities. Most people...

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Ibogaine, Isolation and Addiction

Ibogaine, Isolation and Addiction Addiction and isolation are two states which are often inter-related and simultaneously present in individuals seeking treatment for drug dependence. People who are addicted to drugs usually keep their habits to themselves, especially...

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Mindfulness and Self-Acceptance

Mindfulness and Self-Acceptance Drug-dependent individuals are often self-medicating co-occurring disorders and unresolved traumatic events from their past which have not been processed and integrated; in many cases they're so deeply buried that you have no conscious...

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