Ibogaine Treatment Financing

Obtaining Unsecured Loans for Medical Ibogaine Treatment

Medical Financing

We understand that a lack of funds can provide a significant barrier to some individuals seeking ibogaine treatment. Clear Sky Recovery has partnered with a US-based peer-funded loan provider who is willing to make unsecured loans for medical financing. The rates are reasonable and available to individuals who may not meet larger banks or financial institutions credit requirements. Flexible payment plans are available.

Unsecured loans are available up to $35,000 USD, featuring peer-to-peer lending rates as low as 6.73% APR. In order to qualify you do not need an excellent credit rating — the low-end of average is good enough — but you must have a reasonable, near-term past history of paying your bills on time. In general this means your FICO score must be 640 or above.

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