Step by Step: our Ibogaine Treatment Intake Process

Step One:

Making Contact

After making contact with Clear Sky Recovery, a case manager at our intake will discuss your situation with you and answer whatever questions you may have, followed up by making an appointment for a longer telephone interview.

During the telephone assessment we’ll provide you a detailed explanation of what Clear Sky Recovery’s ibogaine treatment program can do for you — or your loved ones and family members, if you are calling on behalf of somebody else — and we’ll answer whatever questions you may have about being treated with ibogaine.

This first extended interview usually lasts about half an hour (30 minutes), but it can take considerably longer in some cases. Please plan ahead and try to schedule the appointment for a time when you’ll have at least an hour to communicate with us, so that we have the chance to cover everything, answer all the questions you might have, and get a clear picture of the overall situation.

We’ll need to get your general medical history and detailed information regarding the current drug-related issues that you are seeking treatment for, as well as a complete list of any medications you may presently be taking. You’ll also need to make payment arrangements with us before continuing to the next step.

We’ll remain in contact with you after the initial assessment, and follow up on any additional questions that may arise, as your treatment date gets closer. We’re very aware that this is a stressful time for you, and everybody involved; we will make ourselves available for additional conference calls, or to answer any questions that may arise in the process.

Step Two:

Making a Reservation

If you are calling on behalf of someone else and making arrangements for them, before we can reserve a placement at our ibogaine detox facility, our staff will need to speak with the individual who will be receiving the actual treatment.

In many cases people are taking various medications that can interfere with ibogaine, and it’s very important that the patient understands how and why they must be discontinued prior to arrival in Cancun and treatment with ibogaine.

Our program typically lasts for one week (7 days), but a longer treatment period may be required if you are heavily dependent on various opioid drugs that have a long half-life, and are unable to make the switch to short-acting opioids (SAOs) prior to arriving.

We usually arrange for arrivals to take place on Monday through Wednesday.

Once we’ve received payment and you have a confirmed reservation at our treatment facility, you’ll need to book a flight to Cancun International Airport (CUN).

Step Three:

Making Travel Arrangements

After we have your flight information, we’ll arrange for our driver and your case manager to meet you at the airport upon arrival in Cancun.

You need to have a valid passport to travel to Cancun.

If you do not have current ID, a company many of our clients have had positive experience with is: Easy Passports and Visas.  They can be reached at: [+1] 866.487.3279 and provide expedited services for obtaining whatever travel documents you need.

We strongly suggest that patients travel on their own. If it’s important that family members or other loved ones travel with patients, you’re more than welcome to visit our ibogaine treatment clinic upon arrival in Cancun; however, you will need to make arrangements for a rental car, or contact a limo service or taxi to take you to your hotel. We are unable to provide limo services for family members or friends of the patient.

Step Four:

Arrival in Cancun

After arriving in Cancun you’ll need to go through customs and immigration. Please do not travel with drugs, weapons, or any other illegal contraband. If you are opioid-dependent our doctors will provide you with morphine to stabilize you upon reaching our treatment facility. You will not be dopesick. You will not be going through withdrawal.

You’ll need to fill out a customs form before exiting the plane. For fastest processing we strongly suggest writing tourism as your motivation for visiting Cancun.

The address you are staying at is: Casa del Mar Carretera Punta Sam Km 4 num 17.

After being processed through customs and immigration, you’ll exit the airport terminal, and make your way to street level. You’re going to see a large variety of taxis and tour operators. Almost all U.S. airlines will arrive through Terminal #3. Look over to your left and there will be a door with a sign saying, “Family and Friends.” Go through the door and we will be waiting for you with a sign.

Your New Life is Only

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