Our Therapy Program

(Day by Day)

Day One

Arrival and Admission

Upon arrival at our treatment facility, you will be informed of our code of conduct, and must sign an initial consent for treatment and medical testing, along with a privacy and confidentiality agreement.

Every patient must relinquish their medications, passport, and money, to clinic staff. In addition to this, we will need to search your luggage and personal effects.

We have the utmost respect for your privacy, and your possessions will be kept safe in a locked safe. We must follow this protocol to ensure your safety while under our care. Our number one priority is your safety and physical well-being. After dosing with ibogaine you will not be in a position to make rational choices for 18-36 hours, and concomitant use of various drugs while being detoxed with ibogaine can have extremely dangerous and potentially fatal consequences. We must ensure your safety while under our care.

This policy is identical to what you will encounter in any other in-patient, medically-based treatment program and most rehabilitation centers. We apologize in advance, but this protocol is absolutely necessary and non-negotiable.

Unlike the policy at many treatment centers, you are more than welcome to keep your phone, tablet, laptop, and/or most other internet-connected electronic devices. Our treatment facility has high-speed internet access.

Patients who are physically dependent on heroin, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, or any other opioid drugs, will receive regular doses of short-acting opioids to avoid withdrawal symptoms. You will not be dopesick or going through withdrawal. We will keep you comfortable prior to being treated with ibogaine.

Day Two

Orientation & Medical Tests

We will take patients to our lab for all necessary blood-work, cardiological testing, and obtain a pre-treatment medical clearance. We must ensure your physical safety and confirm that you are a good candidate for the ibogaine therapy treatment program.

In addition to medical testing, our on-site therapist and support staff will begin working with you to help you set your intentions, expectations, and provide an overview of what’s going to happen during the next several days. 

Clear Sky Recovery is actively involved in multiple ibogaine research projects and studies in collaboration with numerous psychedelic and addiction researchers, educational facilities, and MDs world-wide. There are certain baseline medical tests which are required for receiving ibogaine treatment.

Patients who are candidates for participating in ongoing ibogaine studies may be invited to engage with researchers in further question and answer sessions, observational, and clinical studies.

Please note that all data is anonymized, no personally-identifiable information will be used. You may opt-out of any testing taking place for research purposes and are not required to participate.  



Day Three

Set Your Intentions

Our on-site therapists and staff will continue working with you to co-create a solid foundation for your upcoming treatment, and post-treatment goals, expectations and plans. We will do everything possible to help you prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually, for the following day when you receive ibogaine.

You cannot eat any solid food after midnight of Day 3.

Day Four

Ibogaine Treatment

The day will begin at 9:00 A.M., when we start an I.V., and give you Dramamine orally (for potential nausea).  We will administer the full (flood) dose of ibogaine HCl. The exact dose you receive is dependent on your body mass.

After ingesting ibogaine, within 45 minutes you will experience a tingling sensation of warmth spreading throughout your body, usually this begins in your solar plexus and spreads through your body. You may hear humming or buzzing sounds, followed by your physical dependence being reset.

While ibogaine is not a “classic” entheogenic substance or hallucinogen (it has very low affinity at the 5-HT2A receptor), it is considered an oneirogenic molecule. From roughly hour 1 onwards, you will begin experiencing visions. The very intense visions of Phase I, will last from 4-6 hours.

After 4-6 hours have passed, you will enter Phase II, the processing stage. In our experience this is the most important part of your treatment. It has been described in medical literature as forced psychoanalysis or meditation. It’s a very introspective state where you are faced with the core issues surrounding your drug dependence and lifestyle choices. This state will last anywhere from 12 to 36 hours.

Day Five

Experience Processing
& Additional Ibogaine Dose

The day after ibogaine you will feel exhausted and may experience difficulty sleeping. This is offset by the fact that most patients will experience no cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Heavily-addicted individuals may still experience minor discomfort at this stage of treatment, but the majority of residual withdrawal symptoms will have been eliminated. Any persisting discomfort will dissapate upon administration of ibogaine booster doses.

During the day we will encourage you to eat, drink, enjoy complimentary massages from our massage therapist, and in general move around. You’re clean, your habit is gone, and you’re in a beautiful, luxurious setting; we’ll help you start learning to reconnect with your feelings and surroundings. Our on-site therapist will be available for one-on-one sessions to help you process your experience.

Day Six

Integration & 3rd Ibogaine Dose

In the morning we will focus on your aftercare plans, and what you want your life to become post-ibogaine.

You will receive another booster dose of ibogaine. This helps to alleviate any residual withdrawal symptoms for patients who had very heavy habits, and it provides assistance in the long-term by increasing synergy with your flood dose,  improving the beneficial effects of ibogaine treatment, and amplifying the chances of a successful long-term outcome. 

The ibogaine booster is a sub-threshold dose. In addition to the anti-addiction benefits, you will experience a mild overall body buzz and change in your state of consciousness, but will not experience full-blown visions.

You will have another session with your therapist, and during the afternoon you are welcome to leave our facility with supervision, go outside, and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Day Seven

Aftercare Planning & 4th Dose of Ibogaine

You will receive another dose of ibogaine, followed by an additional therapy session to help process your experiences and newfound drug-free state.

Our staff will include recommendations for therapy, nutrition, supplements, and if necessary, medication.

Whatever you choose to do with this day, it is extremely important to have a solid, reality-based aftercare plan in place, before departing from Cancun and going back home. Ibogaine will absolutely reset you and provide freedom from drug-dependence, but aftercare is essential if you wish to maintain a drug-free existence, no short-term detoxification program is able to undo years or decades of poor choices, and long-term habituation. It’s very easy to fall into old patterns and maladaptive behaviors when you return to your old environment.


Day Eight

Head Home Clean

We will provide transportation to the airport.