Ibogaine Treatment for Opiate Addiction – Heroin

Heroin (diacetylmorphine or diamorphine) was first synthesized in 1874 as a product of Bayer A.G. It was initially introduced as a non-addictive form of morphine, and a “cure for coughs.” In retrospect, the non-addictive nature of heroin turned out to be wishful thinking; Bayer did, however, succeed in producing an excellent cure for coughs.

Regular use of heroin produces tolerance, whereby significantly increased doses are required to achieve the initial effects. Continued use invariably tends to lead to psychological habituation and physical dependence, a state where your body needs opioid drugs on a regular basis just to maintain normal functioning; missing a dose precipitates a cascade of opiate withdrawal symptoms which can be quite severe and extremely painful. You’ve “caught a habit,” and become addicted.

Most heroin-dependent individuals have tried to quit and kick their habit numerous times, and eventually failed. If you are able to make it through the initial withdrawal symptoms on your own, you wind up facing an extended period of time where you feel relatively awful. Eventually, most people relapse, and go back to using opiates. The long-term “success” rate for former heroin addicts maintaining sobriety, is extremely low. Traditional treatment for opiate addiction tends to turn into an endless succession of detoxes and rehabs, which do nothing except provide a brief intermission from active heroin use. Very few people ever manage to quit, once they become physically dependent.

Ibogaine provides an extremely gentle and effective opiate detox from heroin. Heroin is an extremely “clean” opiate; it’s a pure agonist with a very short half-life. Ibogaine will successfully eliminate the number one hurdle that drug-dependent individuals face when attempting to move away from heroin addiction: painful and long-lasting withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine Heroin Treatment

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction will eliminate upwards of 98% of opiate withdrawal symptoms, and significantly alleviate PAWS (post-acute withdrawal syndrome).  Without over-stating the situation, if there is a single molecule for which ibogaine appears to be ideally suited: it’s heroin (as well as morphine, and all opiates and opioid drugs).  Ibogaine is extraordinarily effective for the treatment of heroin addiction. Ibogaine HCl absolutely will reset your habit. You will leave our clinic completely free of your dependence on heroin.

The problem is: unless you have some sort of reasonable aftercare plan in place, it’s quite likely that you’ll be back to using heroin in a relatively short period of time. Ibogaine is a catalyst, not a cure. Clear Sky Recovery’s ibogaine treatment program will provide you with a window of opportunity, reset your drug dependence, and get rid of your habit; painlessly. However, for most people, heroin addiction is the solution, not the problem. All the issues that caused you to pick up heroin in the first place, are still present. Unless you address the underlying causes of your drug dependence, it’s unlikely that you are going to maintain your abstinence from heroin.

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