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Deciding to participate in an ibogaine treatment program is an extremely important decision, which can have a significant and lasting impact on your journey through life, and fundamentally alter and change the road you’re on, and the manner in which your future self develops and unfolds. Quite often the decision to participate in an ibogaine therapy program happens under duress, during highly suboptimal conditions wherein you, your loved ones and family, are experiencing high levels of stress.

Our founders and principles at Clear Sky Recovery have been working with ibogaine and drug-dependent individuals for more than twenty years. We understand you’re at an important intersection-point, emotionally, physically, and spiritually … because many of us have been there ourselves.

Medically-based ibogaine treatment, administered by board-certified physicians, in a licensed medical center, can provide an extraordinarily effective, safe, and painless detoxification from addictive drugs.

Having said that, ibogaine is a catalyst, not a “cure.” It’s not possible for any short-term, 7 to 14 day long, ibogaine treatment program, no matter how effective, to undo years — or decades — of maladaptive patterns of behavior. Patients are often self-medicating co-occuring disorders and suppressed trauma, which can present significant obstacles if left unaddressed. Ibogaine provides a window of opportunity for individuals who may have met with failure while attempting to avail themselves of more mainstream and conventional detox methodologies.

At Clear Sky Recovery we are committed to helping our clients maximize the potential benefits of ibogaine therapy, and obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation. We’ll work with you and your loved ones, to create a solid foundation, and help you regain control over your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Ibogaine Pre-care

Ibogaine Therapy - Pre-Care
In order to maximize the benefits of your ibogaine experience, it is strongly recommended that patients participate in pre-treatment.

Our ibogaine pre-care is designed to help you mentally and physically prepare for your ibogaine experience and the journey you’re about to undertake, and assist you with setting reality-based, personalized goals with regards to your post-treatment expectations and desired outcome.

The secondary focus of pre-care is helping the patient develop a realistic, short-term plan of action, following ibogaine treatment.

If you return home and do nothing, make no changes, and plan on just staying strong and holding it together … you’re setting yourself up for failure, or a very difficult journey, that could be much easier if you make reasonable plans ahead of time. “I’m going to take ibogaine, it’ll detox me and provide brand new insights into my problems, allowing me to break free from all my previous patterns of behavior and become a completely different person overnight!” …is not a reality-based plan.

We’ll work with you, your family and loved ones, and any support-system you already have in place, to help you actualize your intentions and arrive at an optimal aftercare plan for your specific situation.

Ibogaine Aftercare

Ibogaine treatment can help enable you to reconnect with yourself and heal inner wounds of the mind, body and spirit. While on-site, at our medical treatment center in Cancun, licensed clinical psychologists and recovery coaches will work with you to help refine a personalized relapse prevention plan to support and enhance long-term recovery, and assist you in developing coping and decision-making skills, while increasing your self-esteem.

During the Pre-care phase of our holistic, end-to-end treatment experience, we will have helped you define reality-based goals, and have a solid idea of where the next steps of your journey will take you.

By the time you leave our facility your physical drug-dependence will be eradicated, and you’ll have a solid foundation to begin a drug-free lifestyle, with a much greater perspective on how your thoughts, feelings and attitudes affect behavior. You’ll also have a physical destination, and a safe environment to continue your healing process, pre-arranged.

We’ve been treating drug-dependent individuals since the 1990s. Our extensive experience has taught us that the best way to ensure a successful outcome post-ibogaine treatment, is to remove the person from the people, places, and things associated with their drug use.

For some patients, reintegrating in a non-toxic environment, far away from the situation in which they’ve established, nurtured, and maintained their drug-dependence, is critical. This has a dramatic impact on reducing external stressors and triggers, and provides people with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in treatment and learn new coping skills for staying sober upon returning to their home environment.

Ibogaine Therapy - Aftercare
We'll Help You Reclaim Your Life
At Clear Sky Recovery we have relationships with a variety of short and long-term continuing-care facilities, that offer different approaches to post-ibogaine, inpatient and outpatient treatment. After gaining greater awareness and understanding of your specific circumstances, our addiction treatment professionals will be able to offer reality-based advice, and present you with a series of customized aftercare treatment options, which may have resonance with your unique situation and needs.

We understand that every patient is different, and has their own life situation and circumstances to deal with, and professional, legal, or personal obligations which may preclude participating in an extended aftercare program, thousands of miles away from your work and family.

Wherever your eventual destination post-ibogaine treatment happens to be, we’ll work with you, your family, and whatever support system you have in place, remotely, to provide an end-to-end treatment experience, which is customized for your needs. We’ll be there with you, for as long as you need us, on the next steps of your journey.

We'll Help You Reclaim Your Life

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