Ibogaine Prague

Ibogaine Prague

Addiction is a global problem; it affects people in Prague and other cities and towns worldwide. To properly treat addiction, an individual must figure out why he or she feels the need to abuse an illicit substance in the first place. Fortunately, Clear Sky Recovery ibogaine treatment is now available for people in Prague struggling with addiction. Our ibogaine treatment program helps individuals identify the root cause of an addiction, along with take the necessary steps to permanently address this issue.

For those who appreciate history and beauty, a trip to Prague is a must. Czech Republic’s capital city is home to the legendary Old Town Square, along with the medieval Astronomical Clock and other awe-inspiring sites, attractions, and landmarks. Ultimately, Prague is a city with a look and feel all its own. And as such, Prague is a top choice for European travelers.

Prague is an unforgettable destination, but an addiction can sometimes make it tough for an individual to enjoy the city to the fullest extent. Although a person may take steps to treat his or her addiction, doing so may prove to be exceedingly difficult.

In certain instances, an individual might rely solely on family members and friends for support with an addiction. Or, in other cases, a person suddenly stops taking an addictive substance. In both of the aforementioned scenarios, the consequences may be dire for the addict, as well as his or her family members and friends. Because if a person cannot treat the root cause of his or her addiction, the issue may linger for an extended period of time.

Ibogaine Prague

Ibogaine Treatment Prague

Much in the same way that the history of Prague goes back thousands of years, ibogaine is an addiction therapy that has ancient roots.

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive indole alkaloid. It is derived from the roots of an African rain forest shrub and was originally used by indigenous peoples of Western Africa in low doses to ward off fatigue, hunger, and thirst. Additionally, higher doses of ibogaine were sometimes used as part of spiritual initiation ceremonies.

The use of ibogaine to treat addiction symptoms has been studied extensively. Research published in peer-reviewed medical journals indicates that ibogaine therapy helps reduce addiction symptoms. It also shows that ibogaine helps addicts manage withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and opiate abuse.

With ibogaine therapy, individuals dealing with addiction can return to a pre-addicted state. Ibogaine detox rarely causes drug withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Plus, ibogaine helps individuals combat most of the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. It even helps reduce cravings for stimulants and alcohol.

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Clear Sky Recovery offers a medically based ibogaine treatment for people in Prague dealing with addiction. Each ibogaine therapy program is personalized to a patient, thereby enabling an individual to achieve the best-possible results, as quickly as possible.

An ibogaine treatment begins with a visionary stage; at this point, a patient ingests ibogaine HCI and may experience dreamlike visions. Next is the “processing” phase, which is characterized by mental activity and evaluation of material that was uncovered during the visionary stage. A patient may process feelings of fear, guilt, and shame at this time, too. Then, a patient can reflect on his or her personal journey. He or she can identify patterns, behaviors, and environmental and social factors associated with an addiction and explore ways to minimize such issues going forward.

At Clear Sky Recovery, we value a holistic approach to ibogaine therapy. We work directly with patients and communicate with them throughout the treatment process. That way, we can help a patient discover ways to alleviate his or her addictive behaviors both now and in he future. To find out more about our ibogaine therapy program, please contact us today at 305.901.5371. Please note that we are actively working on providing ibogaine treatment within Prague, however at the present time our ibogaine treatment facility is located in Cancun. 

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