Josef Prajapati

Since I was a child I was intrigued by nature.

I clearly remember how, when observing a tree or landscape and while being very quiet something beautiful happened:

A very profound and inexplicable peace started to expand inside of me and there was a total acceptance of the present moment.

My motivation and passion for painting began with the longing to stay forever in this peaceful and quiet place and share it with the world.

From my own experience I understood that the source of all unhappiness and suffering is the forgetting of this quiet place inside of us and with any artistic expression like painting or drawing we reconnect with this silence inside of us.

For me this is the best support for any recovering addicts. Behind all desires is the desire to experience wholeness again which is living your fullest expression as a creative and loving being.

I have witnessed this “wholeness” experience in my art classes when the student forgets everything around him and is immersed into this timeless state of inner peace which is the true nature of everybody.

And thus, Art and inner peace are inseparable for me. Art is the expression of the most intimate part of my heart and I know that silence is the source of everything.

And what a miracle this is!