Martina Allegria Schmitz

Martina Allegria has over 30 years experience in transpersonal psychology and human potentials development. She received a degree in Comparative Religions from FU Berlin, and has trained as a Bio-Dynamic Somatic therapist and transformational life-coach with a foundation based upon the works of Alexander Lowen, Willhelm Reich and Gerda Boysen.

Martina’s practice is deeply rooted in somatic experiencing, utilizing Chi Kung and Taoist alchemy to help clients access and transform negative emotional states. Her background in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and meditation allows her to bring clients back to the present moment with clarity, compassion and simplicity.

Martina Allegria facilitates the experience of “dancing on the razor’s edge,” that comes from being fully present in the here and now where you can remember yourself fully — a space of pure grace and healing. She is exceptionally gifted at discovering what makes people come alive and light up, remembering dreams and passions, no matter how forgotten or forbidden, and bringing them forth into the world.

Her emphasis is on supporting individuals and enabling them to outgrow self limiting and sabotaging patterns. She approaches her clients as already whole and healthy, positive people who need support, compassion and understanding of their own inner patterns and history. Martina will help you establish or re-establish a connection with your core self, so you are empowered to break free from old self-destructive patterns, leave self-defeating and addictive behaviors behind, and become the person you truly are.