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The 3 Best Tips for Adjusting to Life After Ibogaine Treatment

by Jul 28, 2015

Ibogaine Reduces Cravings

As of 2015, there are very few mainstream treatments available for people suffering from addiction to opiates, alcohol or stimulants.

That’s why many people with addiction have turned to ibogaine therapy, which is one of the most effective ways to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and shake off cravings for good. In fact, ibogaine treatment has been shown to reduce cravings after just 72 to 96 hours.

Ibogaine drug treatment is legal in Mexico, and Cancun is a major destination for medical tourism – making this country a popular choice for Americans seeking this treatment. But what happens once you’ve completed your time at an ibogaine treatment center? Do you just return to your former life as though nothing happened?

No matter the reason why you’ve chosen to enter into an ibogaine treatment program, it’s important to know that your recovery won’t end when you exit the ibogaine clinic. Recovering from addiction is often a lifelong journey. To make sure your post-treatment recovery is as successful as it should be, here are three things you’ll need to do:

Take care of yourself — and others
After leaving the ibogaine clinic, it’s generally recommended that you set aside time each day to care for yourself and get involved in healthy activities like yoga and meditation. Doing this will help you maintain a positive mood and outlook every day. Also, be sure to take time to reach out to your friends and family, becoming a positive influence for others as well as yourself.

Avoid negative influences
Another important thing to remember once you return home from your ibogaine clinic is to steer clear of negative influences in your life. These can include anything from toxic situations to people who may have helped enable your addiction before you sought treatment. Surround yourself with positivity and people who care about your recovery.

Continue to reflect on your experiences
Ibogaine treatment is characterized by a deeply introspective period in which you reflect deeply upon your past memories. After treatment, you should continue to do this, letting your experiences inform your future decisions.

Have any other questions or thoughts about continuing a successful recovery after you leave our ibogaine clinic? Let us know!