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People travel to Clear Sky Recovery from all over the world to obtain ibogaine treatment. We’ve had the privilege of working with ibogaine for over a decade, and the pleasure of collaborating with countless individuals and families, on the journey to reclaiming their lives. 

Although drug dependence has many common characteristics, we treat every patient as a unique individual with special needs that must be addressed with compassion and respect.

A Modern Solution with Ancient Roots

Reclaim Your Life: (305) 901-5371

We are the Safest, Medically-based & Clinically-managed, Ibogaine Treatment Program in the World

Our luxurious, state of the art medical facility is staffed by an exceptional and experienced team of clinicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, and support personnel.

If you communicate with us honestly about the specifics of your situation, we can help you. We offer a range of highly effective and reasonably-priced treatment programs, administered in a nurturing, supportive and safe environment.

Ibogaine Treatment Center - Clear Sky Recovery

No Withdrawal

CSR will provide you with a pain-free, safe, and extremely rapid detox from a variety of addictive drugs, including: heroin, OxyContin & Oxycodone, methadone, buprenorphine (Subutex and Suboxone), cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol.

Our treatment protocols are customized to meet the specific needs of individual patients.

If you are an opioid-dependent individual, you will not be going through withdrawal while under our care. We are a licensed medical facility; our MD’s will stabilize you on morphine and keep you comfortable prior to receiving ibogaine treatment.

Clear Sky Recovery - Ibogaine Treatment Center, Cancun

Luxurious & Confidential

We are a client focused medical services boutique specializing in safe and effective ibogaine treatment for interrupting drug dependence disorders.

Our beachfront medical facility is located in the Punta Sam resort area of beautiful Cancún, one of the world’s most popular destinations for medical tourism, far from the drug-related violence of Mexican border regions.

MDs and RNs are present 24 hours a day, every day.

We are fully staffed and equipped to handle all emergencies on-site.

Clear Sky Recovery - Ibogaine Treatment Center - Medical

Perfect Safety Record

Clear Sky Recovery offers a revolutionary, medically-based ibogaine treatment center in Cancun.

During the past decade Dr. Solà has personally treated over 1425 patients, with no adverse events or serious complications in any treatment episode to date.

Our founders and collaborators have been evolving the state-of-the-art in ibogaine detox treatment since the 1990s.

We have more experience with medically-based ibogaine treatment, than any other entity or organization in the world today.

Clear Sky Recovery Ibogaine Treatment Center in the News

Investigative Reports and Documentaries Featuring the Founders of Clear Sky Recovery

Patient Reviews & Ibogaine Treatment Experiences

Our amazing guests have touched the hearts and lives of the addiction professionals and support staff at Clear Sky Recovery who have had the pleasure of working with them.

While we have the utmost respect for our patients' privacy, we are delighted to show some of the success stories from our guests and family members who want to share the profound transformation and changes, that ibogaine treatment at CSR, has brought to their lives.

Financing is Available

We understand that a lack of funds can provide a significant barrier to some individuals seeking ibogaine treatment. We've partnered with a US-based peer-funded lender willing to make unsecured loans for medical financing.

Our Program

We provide every client with a solid foundation for going back out into the world and their lives, with the tools necessary for making better choices. We nurture personal empowerment and freedom, not a perpetual disease model.

 Ibogaine Treatment

Clear Sky Recovery offers a highly-optimized, safe, effective and innovative, detoxification for substance abuse. We are a medically-based, fully certified and registered, clinically-managed ibogaine detox facility.


Luxurious High-end Accommodations

Our ibogaine treatment center provides a comfortable, safe, and peaceful place, to reintegrate and process your ibogaine experience, surrounded by the natural beauty of Cancun.

We're committed to providing you with a solid foundation and helping you regain control over your physical and emotional well-being.

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