Ibogaine Treatment for Prescription Pills

Ibogaine treatment provides a remarkably effective detoxification from numerous street drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine. Ibogaine is often used as a “last-chance” treatment by individuals who have experienced repeated failure in their attempt to get off drugs they’re addicted to, by utilizing more conventional drug treatment methodologies.

Over the course of the past decade, the landscape of addiction has changed dramatically within the United States. There were over 259 million prescriptions written for painkillers during 2012. This represents a 400% increase in prescription opiate use in only 10 years.

The opioid addiction epidemic within the United States has been deemed the worst drug related crisis in American history, with no end in sight. During 2014 more than 47,000 people died due to fatal drug overdoses.

Although many policies have recently been enacted on the federal and state level to curb the skyrocketing rate of opioid prescription drug abuse within the US; policy changes do little to help those individuals who are already caught within the cycle of drug dependence. On the obverse these policies can leave patients who are physically dependent upon opioids stranded with nowhere left to turn in order to obtain the opioids they need in order to avoid withdrawal.

Policy changes have been particularly harsh for many veterans who have been prescribed pain medications by the VA, and suddenly find themselves cut off from their medicine due to changes in prescriber policies and restrictions placed upon clinicians utilizing opioid medications for patient’s pain management issues.

Prescription Pills vs. “Street Drugs”

Your body doesn’t know where a drug comes from, or what social stigma is fashionable to attach to individuals who happen to use that drug at any given point within time. The “war on drugs” may seem like a perpetual part of the social fabric of the 21st century within the United States, but it has only existed for a relatively short span of time. Rewind time by a few decades and you could purchase pounds of heroin and cocaine from a Sears Roebuck catalog. All the drugs currently demonized in present-day society, were readily available in the not-too-distant past; oddly enough, society did not fall apart when these molecules were readily available to anyone who wanted them.

While a credible case could be made that the overall psychological profile of a heroin dependent individual, who must be willing to commit multiple felonies on a daily basis in order to obtain and use their drug of choice, differs from someone who inadvertently becomes addicted to prescription pain medication prescribed to them by a doctor; users of both molecules are equally addicted to the same class of drugs (opioids) their bodies have become dependent upon.

When governmental policy changes are used to address the growing opioid addiction epidemic, it shouldn’t be too surprising that criminalizing a medical condition or cutting off already addicted individuals from access to their pain meds, has no effect on actually solving the problem that exists: a record number of people within the United States who are physically dependent upon opiates and opioids, and cannot stop taking these molecules without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.

When OxyContin users are cut-off from their supply and can no longer legally obtain the prescriptions their body needs in order to function, it shouldn’t be too surprising that many of them turn to heroin, which is cheaper, stronger, and in many cities, more readily available.

Ibogaine Treatment for Opioid Dependence

At the present time treatment for drug addiction is in its’ infancy. This is a kind way of saying that there has been very little scientific progress during the past few decades in the treatment of opiate addiction. There are a wider array of more readily available maintenance medications such as buprenorphine under the brand names Subutex and Suboxone, which are a significant step forward from the often dehumanizing methadone maintenance treatment programs they supplant; but at the end of the day all you’ve accomplished is replacing an arbitrarily dangerous and illegal addictive substance, with another equally, or more addictive, legal drug. Nothing much has actually been accomplished, you’ve replaced one addiction with another.

The good news is that ibogaine is extremely effective at providing a gentle and safe detox from a wide spectrum of opioid drugs (when administered by qualified physicians under carefully-controlled conditions in a medically-based environment, such as Clear Sky Recovery’s ibogaine detox program). Ibogaine treatment is highly effective for eradicating many of the most problematic drug dependence syndromes prevalent in present-day society.

Staying “Clean” after Ibogaine Treatment

Addiction is currently considered to be a complex, brain-based illness which requires considerable life-changes and effort on the patient’s part to remain “clean.” Ibogaine is only the first, very important step of this journey.

Ibogaine does an effective “reboot” of your system and eradicates your drug dependence in a single dose. A reasonable parallel to make is: after a week-long ibogaine treatment session, your body will be in a state that would have taken 90-120 days to attain using more conventional detox methods. This clean slate provides an exceptionally strong foundation with ibogaine’s long-acting metabolite noribogaine staying in your body for a period of roughly 2-4 months, acting as a powerful antidepressant, alleviating cravings and symptoms associated with PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), while helping repopulate decimated dopamine receptors within your brain.

Nearly all addiction-treatment professionals world-wide agree that the first step of a successful recovery program is an effective medically-assisted detox, so the individual in question can focus on their recovery without experiencing withdrawal symptoms and overwhelming cravings. Ibogaine treatment is the most effective medication that has been discovered to date for the treatment of opioid addiction, whether your dependence originated with heroin and illicit street drugs, or prescription pills and medications, makes no difference: ibogaine will allow you to begin the healing journey and reclaim your life.

Over the past two decades we have had tremendous success utilizing ibogaine to treat the drug dependence issues of thousands of individuals who have experienced repeated failure at more mainstream drug treatment alternatives. If you or a loved one are tired of experiencing the social stigma, physical and emotional devastation, and wrecked lives, that come from the consequences of being drug-dependent, please feel free to reach out to us for more information about whether or not ibogaine treatment may be a possible solution for your particular set of issues.