Methamphetamine Myths: What You THINK You Know About Meth Addiction

Despite — or perhaps, due to — being prominently featured in a wildly popular TV show, there are a lot of pop culture myths about meth and methamphetamine addiction that you probably think are true. You might believe that meth is instantly addictive or that all meth addicts are easy to spot. The reality is that meth addiction doesn’t appear the same way for all who suffer from it, and there isn’t just one form of effective methamphetamine addiction treatment.

Something that is true is the fact that meth is widely available throughout the United States. That means that there are more addicted individuals in need of an ibogaine treatment program than you might think. And because of the stigma associated with this addiction, as well as inadequate treatment methods, many meth users will find it hard to break the cycle. Education is key to breaking this cycle, and it starts with setting the record straight about this addiction and those who suffer from it. If you or someone you love is struggling with methamphetamine addiction, our ibogaine therapy program can help.

Methamphetamine Myth: It’s easy to recognize a meth addict

Truth: There are certain physical attributes associated with long-term meth users, such as scars, skin problems, and a gaunt appearance. While these can certainly appear in many addicts, that’s not always the case. And because addiction is not always easy to spot, especially in the early stages, we may miss the red flags. Meth users can look just like everyone else, and many times, their behaviors may be described as talkative or energetic without being attributed to their drug use. After continued use and abuse, you may recognize the physical toll this addiction can take on their appearance and personality, but the signs are not always obvious at first.

Methamphetamine Myth: You’ll get instantly addicted to meth

Truth: The only way to ensure you won’t become addicted to a drug is to never use it. But the time it takes to become addicted to meth varies greatly from person to person. Some people may become addicted early on, and others may be able to use it casually for a long time before they ever become addicted to it. That being said, it’s extremely easy to develop a methamphetamine dependence, namely because it puts a colossal amount of dopamine into your system. That makes it dangerous for any person, but that’s especially true if the individual suffers from depression, anxiety, or other underlying emotional issues. With continued use, it will reshape your brain to need the drug. In addition, prolonged meth abuse is hard to kick. When addicts choose to only go through detox, rather than receive ibogaine therapy at an ibogaine treatment center, the rate of relapse is around 95%. While not impossible to quit using other methods, an ibogaine treatment program is one of the most effective options.

Methamphetamine Myth: All meth users are violent

Truth: When someone becomes addicted to any substance, their personality can change in many ways. Drug use does shape behavior and impulse control, and users also take pains to hide their addiction and get their fix. A 2010 study showed that violent crimes among meth users are actually pretty rare; however, other studies have contradicted these findings. The bottom line, though, is that methamphetamine use will not typically turn a sweet, kind person into a violent criminal. Ultimately, many people who turn to drug use often have underlying emotional, mental, or behavioral issues that have not been properly explored and dealt with, causing them to self-medicate. One of the benefits of an ibogaine treatment program is that these issues are able to be addressed and the desire to use the drug post-treatment is eliminated. That’s why ibogaine treatment is generally much more effective than detox alone. While detox serves as a temporary bandage, ibogaine provides a real solution.

If you or someone you love is suffering from methamphetamine addiction or another type of drug dependency, Clear Sky Recovery may be able to help you. To find out more, please get in touch with us today. Together, we can build a bright future free of drug use.