Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by Dr. Alberto Solà

Ibogaine is amazing. This plant-based treatment for addiction has helped many people break free from their dependencies on drugs and alcohol and as a result, it has not only changed many lives, but it has saved many lives, too. Many who have participated in ibogaine experiences consider ibogaine to be a miracle. For some, after many false starts and failures, it’s the only method of overcoming a lifetime of addiction that actually worked.

Because of these factors, more and more people want to try ibogaine to see if it will work for them, too. However, with everything good, there is always a bad side as well. Everything we ingest as medicine has positive qualities and negative ones; we usually refer to the negative ones as side effects. 

If you’re interested in learning more about ibogaine, you may be wondering about the side effects of ibogaine treatment. What are the side effects of ibogaine, and when using ibogaine to combat and overcome addiction, are the negative side effects of ibogaine worth it?

Read on to learn more. 

Side Effects of Ibogaine: Do They Exist?

There are few medicines that exist in the world that have no side effects at all. The fact that side effects are present in almost all good things may be a frustrating concept at first, but this fact also reminds us that there is balance in all things. In most cases, the positive benefits of medicines greatly outweigh the negative side effects that come along with them; this is why we continue to use these medicines despite the fact that some bad comes along with the good.

Ibogaine is no exception to this rule. Ibogaine helps people immensely, but ibogaine treatment has side effects just like anything else. Fortunately, ibogaine side effects are minor when compared to the immense good that it can do for people who struggle with addiction.

What Are the Side Effects of Ibogaine?

There are a number of side effects that may be experienced by people participating in ibogaine treatment. In fact, the side effects of this plant-based medicine can be rather serious and can even be life-threatening. However, this is why it is crucial that ibogaine is only consumed under medical supervision. The doctors and nurses who give patients ibogaine know what signs and symptoms to look for during an ibogaine treatment; they are well aware of the side effects and also know how to treat them to keep the patients safe.

Ibogaine is quite powerful and that’s why it works as an addiction treatment. People who use ibogaine to break free from addiction choose this option because it is so strong and effective. Before these individuals begin their ibogaine experience, they are prepped by their doctor, nurses, and therapists about what to expect. Because of this, they know that they will experience hallucinations. After all, it is these hallucinations that will help them discover the root causes of their addictions. By going deep inside their own minds, they will be able to find out what it will take for them to overcome their dependencies on drugs or alcohol. 

But, hallucinations are only one of several possible ibogaine usage side effects. Others are physical instead of mental and may require medical intervention. Again, anyone participating in an ibogaine experience should do so in the company of medical professionals for overall safety. Ibogaine can cause irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. Sometimes it can cause difficulty breathing, too. In extreme cases, ibogaine can also cause paralysis or seizures as well.

The above ibogaine negative side effects are uncommon and some are very rare. However, they can and do happen. Anyone who administers ibogaine to patients is aware of these side effects and knows how to respond to them, though; you can feel confident and safe using ibogaine as long as you do so in the proper setting, surrounded by knowledgable, caring, and well-trained people.

Ibogaine Side Effects Long Term

Fortunately, it seems that there are no long-term negative side effects of ibogaine, at least none that have been discovered thus far. Of course, there needs to be much more research into ibogaine as a medical treatment for addiction. Much research has been done already on its efficacy, but no studies have reported negative side effects that last beyond the treatment period and the ibogaine experience itself.  All of the ibogaine negative side effects that have been reported by doctors and patients seem to occur during ibogaine treatment and do not linger.

This is great news because people who wish to try ibogaine can do so with confidence. They have little to fear when trying this treatment because they will be under medical supervision by trained professionals during their ibogaine experience, and once the treatment is over, they don’t have to worry about any long-term side effects. The only effects that they will carry home with them and keep with them for the rest of their lives are positive.

You Can Break Free

Join many others before you in trying ibogaine to overcome your addiction to drugs, alcohol, or anything else. This amazing, natural substance can help you to begin your recovery journey. It can and will change your life. Although negative side effects do exist with ibogaine, as with anything, your ibogaine experience will be supervised by medical professionals who are aware of these side effects and know how to treat them. These professionals care deeply about their patients and want to help you break free from the addictions that are holding you back from a happy, healthy, and productive life and future. They will do everything to keep you safe.

Don’t delay. Seek help today. At our ibogaine treatment center, we offer treatment for individuals who are struggling with addiction.  Our innovative methods are rooted in the African continent, using medicine drawn from the taberna, the iboga plant.  Ibogaine has proven successful time and time again in interrupting addiction and helping individuals who have experienced it to start anew, on a fresh path moving forward, free of the burden of addiction.  Our intake specialists are standing by to give you more information about our methods, our facility in Cancun, Mexico, and our successes so far.  We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you begin a new and healthier life.  Give us a call today.