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It seems like almost everyone is writing about their life experiences in a blog these days, and people in recovery are no exception! While in some cases, blogs are personal (read: boring) accounts of the lives of people you don’t know, recovery blogs can be extremely helpful to anyone working on his or her own sobriety and freedom from drugs and alcohol. Reading the writings of others who have been through similar challenging circumstances can remind us that we are not alone, and can help to give us the support that we need to survive difficult times. If you are feeling triggered and are in fear of succumbing to relapse, visiting the blog of someone who has succeeded may be all you need to get past the momentary craving and weakness so you can continue moving forward on your healthy and positive path.

There are literally hundreds of recovery bloggers out there, each with a different story and focus. With some time and research, you should easily be able to find one whose story resonates with you and which may even mirror your own tale in some ways. Connecting with these people through their writing online can strengthen you and remind you that anything is possible. Here are a few famous recovery bloggers with large followings that you may want to check out. Who knows, maybe after reading a few of these you will be inspired to begin your own blog, and will soon be one of the people inspiring others!

1. The Sobriety Collective

This blog is a great place to start, because it’s not just one clean and sober person speaking to you, but many. Laura, who quit drinking after just six crazy and destructive years, began the Sobriety Collective as not just a blog, but as a “movement;” she invites other people in recovery to tell their stories there, and so far, she has had forty-seven different individuals involved! Their stories are inspiring, and all include information about how they got sober, and their personal tips for staying that way. Laura also includes blog posts of her own, and a wide variety of resources about recovery. The site is well organized and easy to read.

2. Hip Sobriety

Hip Sobriety is just what it sounds like – it is hip, and it is about sobriety. Unlike The Sobriety Collective, this is just one woman’s tale. Holly Glenn Whitaker had it all – a great job, lots of friends, excellent style, and a perfect apartment – but she was also an alcoholic, a bulimic, and a heavy smoker. When she hit rock bottom in 2012, she realized she could not afford traditional rehab, and she did not feel that twelve step programs were for her, so she did it herself. Now, six years later, she posts on her blog frequently, offering support and inspiration to others, and truly feels that she is living her very best life, every single day.

3. An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom

This blog offers a different perspective on addiction; rather than presenting addiction and recovery from the addict’s point of view, this site, as the title implies, was created by the parents of an addict. Thankfully, their youngest son now has two and a half years of sobriety under his belt, but their trials and tribulations en route to that point will likely be very helpful to other parents going through a similar struggle.

4. She Recovers

She Recovers is a blog that focuses on the recovery journey of women. It was begun by Dawn Nickel, PhD, who has been in recovery since 1987. She is accompanied by a team of other women in recovery including her own daughter. She Recovers is a blog, but it is also much more; the site offers workshops, coaching, and retreats as well as free resources and information for women who wish to be and stay clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.

5. Since Right Now

Chris Aguirre is a sober blogger and visual artist with a very exciting and unique looking blog that you will surely find not only visually exciting but also thoroughly inspiring. Sober since 1997, Chris offers this blog as well as a podcast and links to a wide variety of important and helpful resources. He regularly reminds his readers that recovery is an ongoing process, and is a constant battle, but that addiction to drugs and alcohol can be overcome, with the right mindset and the proper support systems in place.

These are just a few of the countless blogs out there about addiction and recovery, but they represent a good start; each of these five blogs appears on several “Best Blogs for People in Recovery” lists that exist on the internet. However, with just a little digging, it is possible to find a great many more. If one does not quite speak to you, keep looking; you will surely find one that resonates with you personally with just a little effort. Reading daily posts by another person in recovery can become a daily ritual for you, and through repetition, you will only grow stronger and stronger. Good luck!

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