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What Is Ibogaine - Infographic - V1

As people realize that opioid addiction is a crisis, ibogaine has been attracting more attention around the world. If you’ve been wondering what exactly ibogaine is, read on to learn why it’s a totally unique solution to addiction.

Ibogaine: the big pharma landscape

  • Although pharmaceutical companies take a leading role in the drug addiction landscape, they actually offer few true solutions
  • Pharmaceutical drug “treatments” are basically legal drug replacements and do not cure addiction
  • Profitable maintenance medications ignore the underlying psychobiology of addiction and substitute one highly addictive substance for another
  • Ibogaine is not a replacement addiction

The history of ibogaine

  • Ibogaine occurs naturally in the wild in plants
  • It is a psychoactive indole alkaloid that has traditionally been used by indigenous people in Western Africa
  • Low doses don’t produce “drug trips,” but fight thirst, hunger, and fatigue
  • Higher doses are used for coming of age and spiritual initiation ceremonies
  • Ibogaine hydrochloride (ibogaine HCl) is the plant’s active ingredient
  • Ibogaine HCl was first extracted in 1901

Traditional spiritual use of iboga and ibogaine

  • Traditional spiritual iboga use includes ingesting large quantities of iboga root bark for a psychoactive effect
  • Side-effects include “purging,” similar to Ayahuasca
  • Ibogaine is one of many active compounds that can be found in the wild, which means results in non-clinical settings can be unpredictable

The clinical ibogaine treatment

  • In a clinical setting, “ibogaine” means ibogaine HCl
  • Ibogaine HCl actually interrupts addiction
  • At Clear Sky Recovery, we use ibogaine HCl from a cGMP lab, that is 99.8 percent pure.
  • Our protocols call for staggered doses of ibogaine
  • The first dose is a higher “flood” dose
  • Two additional ibogaine boosters ensure no withdrawal or craving remains

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