Millions of Americans struggle with addiction—more than 23 million, actually. A huge number of these people struggle with alcohol, and many are fighting addiction to drugs; still, others are addicted to multiple substances or poly drug use. Are you one of them? Here is how to get a sense of when to seek help for addiction.

When to seek help for addictionSigns of addiction

If you know right away that your urge to take drugs is so strong that it’s out of your control, or that you couldn’t stop using even if you wanted to, and even if you can see your using and the drug itself is causing you and others to suffer harm, it’s possible that you’re battling addiction. However, for many people, things aren’t so clear-cut.

If you’re just not sure about whether or not you’re addicted, ask yourself these questions, and answer yourself honestly.

  • Are drugs on your mind frequently?
  • Have you ever felt like you couldn’t have a good time or fit in without using drugs?
  • Did you ever attempt to cut down or stop using and fail?
  • Have you ever used a drug even though you weren’t sure what it would do to you?
  • Have you ever “chased” one drug with another, trying to “cure” the effects of the first with the second?
  • Have you ever used drugs to escape withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do you use when you are depressed, angry, upset, or lonely?
  • Have you ever had problems or made errors at school or work or lost a job or other opportunity because you were using?
  • Have you ever stolen or committed other crimes to get drugs?
  • Have you ever been arrested because of your drug use?
  • Has your health or physical appearance suffered because of your using?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized because of your drug use?
  • Have you ever overdosed?
  • When you think about running out of drugs, does it scare you?
  • Do you find yourself needing more and more of your drug to get the same effect?
  • Has using drugs hurt your relationships?
  • Has your using caused you to neglect financial issues or family obligations?
  • Do you keep using even though you know it’s hurting you—or people who care about you?

If your honest answer to many or all of these questions is “yes,” it is likely that it’s time to seek help for an addiction. People from all walks of life, any profession, all races and economic classes, and all ages can suffer from addiction. That’s because we are all human, and drugs have physical effects on the human brain. If these signs of addiction seem all too familiar, take heart; you’re not alone.

Why should I need help at all?

Anyone might need help breaking the cycle of addiction. Cyclic drug use actually physically changes the brain, including those regions of the brain that make self-control and other executive skills possible. Moreover, many people use drugs because they’re suffering from untreated depression, anxiety, and other issues. This “comorbidity,” “dual diagnosis,” or “co-occurrence,” can make fighting addiction even harder, especially as your brain’s structure is changed by drug use.

There are many, many reasons why all kinds of people need help fighting addiction. None of those reasons are related to the weak character. On the contrary, it takes real dedication and strength of character to ask for help.

How to get help: Clear Sky and your recovery

The very first and most important step is simply asking for help. Be ready to be totally honest with someone you trust in order to get the help you need. Clear Sky Recovery is here to help people through the rough patches in their lives. We are confident that if you honestly communicate the details of your situation and your needs with us, we can help you. Here at the Clear Sky facility, we offer an array of highly effective, reasonably-priced treatment programs, and they are all provided to our patients in a supportive, safe, and tranquil setting. Our treatment protocols and detox plans have been developed to address the various needs of our patients as they brave the landscape of addiction.

The bottom line

Taking the necessary steps to break free of an addiction takes a lot of courage. Just seeking out help for the first time is intimidating, not least because there is so much judgment we all fear, and so much hard work ahead. Ibogaine treatment with Clear Sky eliminates any fear of judgment and most of the hard work, too, allowing more patients to recover from addiction. You’re ready to take charge of your life again, aren’t you? Contact us today to find out how.