Many people who have done a minimal amount of research believe that ibogaine can help them beat an addiction, but they don’t want to go through an ibogaine treatment center. Instead, they want to do it on their own, take it at home, and be done with it. After all, going to an ibogaine clinic likely means traveling to another country, missing work, and spending more money.

If you’re considering ordering ibogaine online, read this first. Beware of ibogaine for sale! Similarly, don’t buy ibogaine online. Ibogaine can be a powerful therapeutic treatment, but when used for interrupting drug dependence disorders, a medically-supervised clinical setting is essential.

Where to Get Ibogaine

The simple answer to this question is: at a reputable ibogaine treatment center. That’s not always what we want to hear, but it’s the truth. Some things simply require clinical supervision and expertise, and ibogaine drug recovery is one of them. If you’re hoping to undergo ibogaine treatment to free yourself from an addiction, a fully-equipped medically-based clinic is the place to do it.

First of all, you’ll need to be treated by a team who is completely familiar with the pharmacodynamics of ibogaine and the ways it interacts with various molecules, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs. Additionally, any other legitimate medications you might be taking need to be taken into consideration. Your body doesn’t differentiate between street drugs and medications prescribed by your physician, they are all molecules which attach to receptors. You’ll need your team to formulate the best possible response to your unique situation, and structure your ibogaine treatment protocols as an integrated part of that response. Every step of your treatment should be optimized and custom-tailored for your specific medical condition. All of these characteristics of the gold standard for ibogaine treatment are only available at a fully-equipped, medical ibogaine treatment center.

All of these factors are even more important for people with the most serious, heavy usage, long-term addictions. For example, in many cases when a patient is heavily addicted to narcotic analgesics like methadone, OxyContin, or buprenorphine (Suboxone or Subutex), a non-standard treatment regimen may be needed. This can change the duration of ibogaine treatment and other factors, so again, it can really only be handled in a medically-based ibogaine clinic.

Is it Safe to Order Ibogaine Online?

The simple answer is no. There are many reasons why this is true, but other than the need for a clinical setting the most important reason is that online sources of ibogaine are often unreliable and can be unscrupulous. You have no way of knowing what they’re really selling, and you also have no recourse if it’s not what they claim it is. If it doesn’t work, that’s bad enough. But it also has the potential to be dangerous.

Bad Sourcing of Ibogaine

Buying drugs on the darknet with cryptocurrency is akin to copping from some guy standing on a street corner, the only difference being you’ll have a much easier time finding the guy on the street corner if the materials you purchased aren’t what was claimed. Online companies and individuals selling ibogaine, don’t necessarily have any ibogaine! But those that do aren’t always doing a very good job with the product. Purity levels rarely match the claims made on websites. Additionally, these companies are not typically working in partnership with local people, the indigenous cultures who have used iboga for generations. Instead, they are trampling all over their lands and tearing out as many iboga plants as they can lay their hands on. This is unsustainable, and ultimately may threaten ibogaine treatment for everyone as the plants grow harder to find. The Iboga plant itself is becoming endangered, so this poses a real risk.

Think Twice Before You Order Ibogaine

If you’re considering ibogaine treatment for a drug dependence disorder and attempting to break the cycle of active addiction, a medically-based ibogaine treatment center is essential. When compared to much less effective inpatient detox programs, ibogaine treatment at a medically staffed center with experienced professionals is an economical choice.

If you value your life enough to make the decision to regain control from addiction; don’t put your life in jeopardy. Ibogaine treatment is not suitable for all individuals Contact Clear Sky Recovery today for more information about the best ibogaine treatment options for your specific situation.