Last Updated on December 20, 2017 by Dr. Alberto Solà

Ibogaine treatment is another silver bullet way to interrupt the addiction cycle in the brain—just long enough for a comprehensive treatment plan to be put in place and followed. It, therefore, allows an addict to escape the immediate throes of withdrawal, and the pain and suffering that accompanies the process, and instead stay committed to their recovery plan. It is a very useful tool when administered properly by knowledgeable professionals.

Think about it like this. If I told you that I ran a plastic surgery clinic that would transform your appearance, and that you would emerge from the clinic looking like Thandie Newton or Kylie Jenner or Charlotte McKinney, no matter what you look like today, that would be a scam. However, that doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is a scam, or that it doesn’t work. That means that when unethical people make false claims about the process, that is a scam.

With that in mind, we are answering some frequently asked questions about ibogaine treatment to clear the air and take on the question: is ibogaine treatment a scam?

Does ibogaine cure addiction to drugs?

Nothing, nothing in the world, magically and instantly “cures” a drug addiction. There is no miracle drug or pill or other silver bullet that can do that. However, for many patients, ibogaine is the next best thing.

Ibogaine treatment is a type of interruption therapy. You may hear addicts talk about the cycle of addiction. This cycle is a real thing that takes place in the brain. The brain’s chemistry, when influenced by drugs, is subject to a definite cycle. When you abruptly stop the molecules of the drug from interacting with the brain, you trigger symptoms of withdrawal as the cycle of addiction is thrown off. It is this process and the triggering of withdrawal that ibogaine interrupts. It then “resets” the brain to where it was pre-addiction—but only in terms of its chemistry.

Is ibogaine 100 percent effective for all patients?

No. And any surgeon who tells you that they have a 100 percent effective treatment for cancer is lying, as is a test prep company who 100 percent guarantees a perfect score for you on that exam. Complex problems have more complex outcomes. Here’s what we mean.

In addition to interrupting the chemical cycle in the brain, treatment with ibogaine induces dream-like visions during waking hours. While patients experience these visions, they re-live important moments in their lives in ways that can help them understand how things around them—and their own actions—contributed to their addictions. This allows them to face their negative feelings, including the fears that underlie their addictions.

This is just as intense and burdensome as it sounds. That is why ibogaine treatment is effective only when it is supported by a strong recovery plan. The best recovery plans include therapy, emotional support from a personal network, and aftercare. Reputable ibogaine treatment centers provide more than just doses of ibogaine. They also assist patients with intensive therapy and aftercare planning.

Medical research, including that conducted by Dr. Deborah Mash one of the original founders of Clear Sky, proves that ibogaine does interrupt the cycle of active dependence and seemingly “reset” the brain. The ability to interrupt pathways within the pleasure and reward centers of the brain to a high degree is something no other treatment has been shown to do at all.

So—is it foolproof? No. But it has been shown to be more effective than anything else in context and is far more effective than the 12 step default in place in most of the US which has been proven ineffective.

Are ibogaine treatment centers a ripoff?

This is like asking if colleges are a ripoff. Certain schools might be, but if they are, they are substandard. The fact is that ibogaine treatment centers that conduct business in the way that the treatment demands—like Clear Sky does—are worth every penny, even if you just price out the services and amenities.

Ibogaine treatment should always be supported by a fully-equipped, highly trained medical staff. With staff present and on call at all hours, you can expect to incur costs. Recovery with ibogaine also demands therapy from skilled counselors, something else that does cost money. Add in things like recovery planning, massage, healthy foods, and other amenities, and you can see why there are costs associated with the treatment.

We recommend you read reviews and testimonials to find out more from people who have undertaken ibogaine treatment at Clear Sky—and other centers—to answer this question yourself. We are totally confident that our record speaks for itself.

Ibogaine treatment is not a magic bullet—but it’s not a scam

The bottom line is that although ibogaine treatment is no magic bullet that will effortlessly melt away the world’s toughest addictions, it is not a scam. It is, for many people, the best hope of getting and staying clean—for people who are truly committed to making the process work for them, once and for all. If you’d like to learn more about the treatment, the facility, our research, or our results, contact us for a consultation.